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Wow, what a week…

So… I had intended to post progress pictures of my bedroom makeover and a tutorial for easy infant swim trunks with an attached swim diaper(probably will still do that, though).

Then, Saturday, I went swimming – with my cell phone/camera/pretty much my life in digital format – in the shoulder strap of my swimsuit! I meant to take it and put it under our towels but I forgot it was there… THEN after waiting (4 days) for it to dry out and deciding to buy a battery before giving it the old heave ho, MB decides to rip the lcd and front panel off the phone! So my phone is officially dead but I have a replacement on the way. In the meantime, I’ll have to use DHH’s phone as a camera so I can get to work. 🙂

Alas poor Droid2 I knew him, Motorola… a device of infinite awesome, of most excellent design.

Mignonne Mommy


Grocery Day…& the start of something new?

So, it’s grocery day! I love going grocery shopping, I really do but I can never figure out what to put on my list. I’ve played around with the idea of meal planning but I think there’s something important I must be missing because I just don’t get it.

What I did before:

  • Look for recipes I thought my family would enjoy.
  • Choose a recipe for each day.
  • Buy the ingredients for everything.
  • (NOT) Cook everything as planned

That last part seems the easiest but I just never could seem to cook what I had planned. If I planned to make spaghetti, undoubtedly, the kids (and hubby, too!) wanted tacos – EVERY time! At least that’s what it felt like…

I’d like to try again but I need some tips. Anyone here experienced with meal planning? How did you make it work?

Mignonne Monday #1

Goals for this week:

Get the rid of the mountain of clothes in my room.

Steam clean all the counters and cabinets.


Current craft/project(s):

Making a faux capiz shell table lamp à la this chandelier at Shoestring Pavillion.

Putting mosaic type loveliness on my dresser and nightstands


Something beautiful:

Gorgeous mountain sunset over water...


Something I learned today: Apparently, women are better at giving directions as well as many other things. It’s been scientifically proven. Dan Abrams was on the Rachael Ray show today promoting his book outlining what research has shown women are better at. (Hint: a LOT of things)


My goals for 2011 (a.k.a, the reason why I blog)

I’m trying to become a better homemaker and mommy… My hope is that once I have my home and family life in order, I’ll have the excitement and zeal I once had. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit lost… Not my usual mignonne self. So, I have decided to blog both for accountability and a record of my progress. There’s plenty on my plate but I’m sure I can handle it if I put my mind to it!

Specific goals:


1. Get back in shape.

[This isn’t so much a weight loss goal as a general fitness goal, though I’ll be glad to flatten that mommy tummy]


2. Create a housekeeping schedule – and stick to it!

[A note about me: I am great with planning and scheduling for OTHERS but I have a hard time sticking with a schedule… It definitely takes me more than 21 days to create a habit.]


3. Be more patient. Enough said, I think. 😀


4. Start sewing again, seriously this time.


5. Start a business.

[I have a few ideas so I need to narrow them down a bit. There’ll likely be a poll or two related to this goal down the line.]


These are my major goals for the year though there are some smaller goals that will become features on my blog like better money stewardship (cleaning recipes, frugal tips), and organization (decluttering challenges, meal planning). Hope you’ll join me on my journey through the new year!