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Wow, what a week…

So… I had intended to post progress pictures of my bedroom makeover and a tutorial for easy infant swim trunks with an attached swim diaper(probably will still do that, though).

Then, Saturday, I went swimming – with my cell phone/camera/pretty much my life in digital format – in the shoulder strap of my swimsuit! I meant to take it and put it under our towels but I forgot it was there… THEN after waiting (4 days) for it to dry out and deciding to buy a battery before giving it the old heave ho, MB decides to rip the lcd and front panel off the phone! So my phone is officially dead but I have a replacement on the way. In the meantime, I’ll have to use DHH’s phone as a camera so I can get to work. 🙂

Alas poor Droid2 I knew him, Motorola… a device of infinite awesome, of most excellent design.

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miss.mignonne, a wife and mother of 3, is a wardrobe stylist/image consultant in the Houston, TX area. She loves to shop and is a sucker for a good bargain. While a fashion design student, she was inspired by a professor to become a stylist when he noted her varied wardrobe and style choices. "If you want to truly understand a person, you just have to look at their closet." -miss.mignonne

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