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Grocery Day…& the start of something new?

So, it’s grocery day! I love going grocery shopping, I really do but I can never figure out what to put on my list. I’ve played around with the idea of meal planning but I think there’s something important I must be missing because I just don’t get it.

What I did before:

  • Look for recipes I thought my family would enjoy.
  • Choose a recipe for each day.
  • Buy the ingredients for everything.
  • (NOT) Cook everything as planned

That last part seems the easiest but I just never could seem to cook what I had planned. If I planned to make spaghetti, undoubtedly, the kids (and hubby, too!) wanted tacos – EVERY time! At least that’s what it felt like…

I’d like to try again but I need some tips. Anyone here experienced with meal planning? How did you make it work?


About miss.mignonne

miss.mignonne, a wife and mother of 3, is a wardrobe stylist/image consultant in the Houston, TX area. She loves to shop and is a sucker for a good bargain. While a fashion design student, she was inspired by a professor to become a stylist when he noted her varied wardrobe and style choices. "If you want to truly understand a person, you just have to look at their closet." -miss.mignonne

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