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Mignonne Monday #1

Goals for this week:

Get the rid of the mountain of clothes in my room.

Steam clean all the counters and cabinets.


Current craft/project(s):

Making a faux capiz shell table lamp à la this chandelier at Shoestring Pavillion.

Putting mosaic type loveliness on my dresser and nightstands


Something beautiful:

Gorgeous mountain sunset over water...


Something I learned today: Apparently, women are better at giving directions as well as many other things. It’s been scientifically proven. Dan Abrams was on the Rachael Ray show today promoting his book outlining what research has shown women are better at. (Hint: a LOT of things)



About miss.mignonne

miss.mignonne, a wife and mother of 3, is a wardrobe stylist/image consultant in the Houston, TX area. She loves to shop and is a sucker for a good bargain. While a fashion design student, she was inspired by a professor to become a stylist when he noted her varied wardrobe and style choices. "If you want to truly understand a person, you just have to look at their closet." -miss.mignonne

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  1. Hi and thanks for featuring my chandelier! Always fun to have lurkers on your blog 🙂 Especially when they comment 🙂
    I’m sure your capiz lamp will turn out beautiful – happy crafting!


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